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Facebook Creates New Admin Roles

One Friday evening ad few months ago, I received a desperate call from a client who told me that one of their staff had been let go and was not happy about it.  The individual was one of the Admins of the Facebook Page and could I help them by removing this person before he started doing damage by making inappropriate or mean posts on the Page, or deleting the Page altogether.  Of course, I hurried to help, because I knew that these things were a valid concern and this individual could, indeed, cause some trouble if he deleted me or the other Admins first.

The Admin functionality on Facebook has always frustrated me.  I’ve shared this frustration in the classes I’ve taught, but was unable to offer a solution.  Every Admin had the same management and posting privileges, and this opened the door for Page hijacking.  A disgruntled employee who had Admin privileges could easily delete all of the other Admins and have full control of the Page, including deleting it.  It was a big risk, and I know many companies in addition to my clients had issues with hijacking.

Now, Facebook has created a hierarchy for Admins which will greatly help with this problem and put those fears to rest.

There are now 5 Admin Roles that can be assigned to an Admin:  Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, and Insights Analyst.  The Manager has total control of the Page.  Their functions include managing the Admin roles, editing the Page and adding applications, creating posts as the Page, responding to and deleting comments, sending messages as the Page, creating ads and view Insights.    The Manager is the only Admin that can use Facebook as the Page, and as such, is the only Admin that can Like other Pages and view the Page News Feed.  When a new Admin is added, they are by default, given the Manager status.

The next Admin in the hierarchy is the Content Creator.  This individual has most of the privileges as the Manager except that he cannot use Facebook as the Page and cannot manage other Admins.  The Content Creator cannot Like other Pages or view the Page News Feed, but they can edit the Page and add applications, create posts as the Page, respond to and delete comments, send messages as the Page, create ads and view Insights.   It is unfortunate that the Content Creator cannot use Facebook as a Page, as there are many times when this feature is helpful in interacting with other Pages, tagging and commenting on other Page Walls and posts.

The Moderator has fewer abilities than the Content Creator.  This individual can only respond to and delete comments, send messages as the Page, create ads and view insights.  The Advertiser can create ads and view insights, whereas the Insights Analyst can only view Insights.

This change is a step in the right direction.  I like how you can now access Admin Roles from the Admin Panel-Edit Page button rather than having to click all the way into Admin Panel-Manage-Edit Page sequence.  Still, the 5 roles are a bit overkill, and there is too big a gap between the authority of the Page Manager and Content Creator.  But I, for one, am glad that Facebook has attempted to address this issue.

Have you ever feared that your Page could be hijacked?

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