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Manage Your Social Media Sites By Keeping It CRISP!


With everything that needs to be done during the workday, many of my clients complain, “How am I going to have time to be on social media when my schedule is already full?”

It is true.  Social media can be a huge distraction and can be a time sink for you and your employees.  Yet, So many things can be a distraction:  magazines, the internet, and smart phones.  What about email?  A recent survey by McKinsey Global Institute showed that we spend about 28% of our day managing our email.  That is two hours of out an eight hour day!

Social media has become an important marketing and customer service tool for today’s businesses.  Like everything else, it important to schedule social media into our workday the way we schedule meetings, and other tasks.  It is equally important to limit the time we spend on social media so that we don’t get sucked in and realize an hour has passed when we look up from our computer screen.

Just like we have been taught to “Keep It Simple Stupid” (KISS), we need to remember to keep our participation in social media “CRISP”

  • Check sites at least few times a week
  • Respond to comments from connections
  • Inform your connections
  • Search for new connections
  • Peruse other sources for interesting information

Remaining active on your social media sites is imperative.  Check your sites regularly, at a minimum of three times a week, to post information, make connections and communicate with these connections.  Like email, if we check our social media sites too often, then we will get lured in and react every time we see an interaction or post that intrigues us.  And then two hours have passed.

When you are checking your sites and find that your connections have commented on your posts, Respond to these comments.  Thank them for interacting and ask another question.  This encourages engagement and helps increase your visibility on the site.  Did you read an interesting tweet or Facebook post from another person or business? Did you find a compelling discussion on a LinkedIn group?   Comment on that.

Next, take a few minutes to inform your connections and share interesting information.  Share your most recent blogpost, an article you found interesting, or an opinion regarding a current event.  Post an update on your Facebook Page or your Twitter profile.  Start a discussion on a LinkedIn group.

Searching for and linking with new connections is another crucial part of your social media participation strategy.  Take all of those business cards you got at yesterday’s meeting and connect with them on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.  Do they have a Facebook Page?  Have your Page Like theirs and make a comment, share their post, or tag them in your post.  Subscribe to their Youtube channel or blog.  This is the social part of social media.

Peruse other sources for new and interesting information.  We all have trade publications and news periodicals that we read on a daily basis.  Consider yourself a clipping service for your connections.  Part of your responsibility on your social media site is to filter through the information that you receive and pass on only that which is relevant.  You will become a great resource for your connections.

Taking just a few minutes to accomplish each of the CRISP tasks can help you manage your social media sites.  If you set a time limit, you can be active and responsive without being overwhelmed and reactive.

When your timer goes off, it’s time to log off and go back to work!

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