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Is A Fake Twitter Account The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery?

Is imitation is the best form of flattery?  If a friend buys the same pair of shoes because they love yours, or if they want a recipe for the killer kale and quinoa salad you brought to the BBQ, then maybe so.  But I made an interesting discovery this weekend: someone duplicated my Twitter account, using the user name @SueAnnKenr. Not sure why! I’m not a famous (or infamous) celebrity or politician.  I don’t have tens of thousands of followers or compromising photos posted.

But they must like my name, description, profile and header photos.  Check out the comparison. I’m flattered. However, they did decide to be from Colorado instead of Utah, which doesn’t make sense to me since here in Park City we have the “Greatest Snow on Earth!”



Real and Face Twitter Accounts


When I discovered this, I immediately began to work with Twitter to get the fake account deleted.  If this has happened to you, follow these steps:

1)  Click on the gear icon on the fake account (next to the Follow button) and clicked on “Report.”

2)  Although it isn’t the obvious choice, click on “They’re being abusive or harmful.”

3)  This allows you to choose “Pretending to be me or someone else.”

4)  Choose who is being impersonated.  In this case, the answer is “Me,” but if this is happening to a client or your company, then make the appropriate choice.

5)  The next pop-up allows you to enter the information for your case.  Be specific and clear.  Keep emotion out of it, although I’m sure you’d like to add a few choice words!

You will soon receive an email from Twitter asking you to verify your identity by uploading a government issued ID.  I uploaded my Utah driver’s license and my SS-4 form showing the EIN for Face It Social Media.

The ball is now in Twitter’s court.  I’ll keep you posted with what happens!  Meanwhile, follow @SueAnnKern, NOT @SueAnnKenr.



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