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What Happened To My Facebook Page?

Facebook made a major change to Page functionality at this week.  If you are new to Facebook Pages, please skip this blogpost because it will only confuse you!  However, if you have been using Pages for a while and have wondered what in the world happened, read on.

Before this change, there were two ways to access your Page:  using “Facebook as Page Name” or using “Facebook as Your Personal Profile.”

You could think of this concept as “What is in control of this Facebook session?”  Either your Page or your Personal Profile was in control of the session.  When you accessed your Page, you had the choice of using “Facebook as Your Personal Profile” or “Facebook as Page Name.”  If you chose to use “Facebook as Your Personal Profile,” your Personal Profile was in control of your session.

Figure 8

When your Personal Profile was in control of the session, the blue bar on the top of your window looked and performed somewhat different than when your Page is in control.  The icons on the blue bar all referred to your Personal Profile, NOT the Page.  You only had access to your Page’s Wall, but not your Page’s Home Page or News Feed.

In order to see the Page’s News Feed, you had to be using “Facebook as Page Name.”

When you used “Facebook as Page Name,” then your Page was in control of your Facebook session, and the icons on the blue bar changed to refer to the Page, and not to your Personal Profile.

Now, there is no longer the concept of using “Facebook as Page Name.”  The icons on the blue bar always refer to your Personal Profile.

Accessing Your Page Newsfeed, Notifications and MessagesNow, to access your Page’s News Feed, click on “View Pages Feed” as shown at left.  You can view the messages and notifications for your Page from the Admin Bar.  However, you cannot view the list of Likes from the silhouette icon on the Blue Bar the way you could before.

Despite this major change, you will still be able to post, comment, share, and like as your Page the same way as before.

The change actually makes some things easier, such as liking a Page post as your Personal Profile and sharing a Post with your Friends.  No more having to switch back and forth as we had to before.

Yes, Facebook is always changing things.  But as the famous philosopher Salma Hayek once said, “I believe that change keeps you young.”

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