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5 Steps To Improve Your Business’ Instagram Presence

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So you want to bring your business to Instagram?  This is a very wise choice, considering that Instagram is the second most engaged social media network after Facebook (with over 700 million users) and is used daily by over 250 million of Internet users!  Here are a few easy steps to help get your instagram up and running, fast!

The Business Tool: The business tool is a free add on to any Instagram account wanting to show more about their businesses and to promote themselves. Simply go into your instagram account, go into settings and choose ‘Switch to Business Profile’ and voila! Now not only can you have people seeing your profile more professionally, but you can also get insight on your followers, reach your customers, and get new contact options to help people reach you more easily!

Aesthetic: The most important part of your instagram, is the photos. That is what the app is based around after all. You want your photos to be clean, not over filtered, and relatable to your business. If you are running a clothing store, it wouldn’t make much sense to post a picture of the sandwich you ate that day. If you do choose to filter your photos, try to stick with the same, or similar looking filter, so it not only becomes a signature look, but it’s also pleasing to the eye in grid view.

KPCWHashtags: The second most important part of your instagram post?  Hashtags. They say every picture tells a story, your job is to make it extremely clear what the story behind your photo is, while also making a connection with your audience. Why are you sharing this picture?  What are you doing?  What do you want your followers to do?  

Instagram is hashtag driven.  Hashtags are keywords or phrases that start with the # character (no spaces please) that help explain your photo.  Search Instagram for your hashtags to determine which are the most popular (i.e. those that people are using in search) and also what are trending right now.  You can also use the free app Hashtagify.me to find other related hashtags.  This will make it so anyone who searches the hashtag can find your image, bringing more popularity to your account.  Don’t overdo the hashtag list – keep it between 7-10 to be relevant but not overwhelming.

Also, it is important to note that urls used in Instagram captions are not hyperlinked, so clicking on the url does absolutely nothing.  With that said, you can still add them so that your followers know where to go for more information.

Followers:  Now’s the time to go against everything your parents taught you when you were little, and start making some Instagram friends.  Let me clarify, I don’t mean following random accounts just hoping they will follow you back.  I mean go in search of other individual businesses that have things in common with you.  Connections are the best way to get publicity with online businesses, and it will also give you a chance to collaborate on ideas.  For example, suppose you’re running a makeup company, and want to get some publicity with your product. Go to the search button on the Instagram app, and start entering hashtags like #makeup, #beautytips, and #skincare.  You will find hundreds of accounts and posts that you can use to find that are relevant and that you can comment on and follow.  Chances are you can find lots of aspiring entrepreneurs who will be glad to make a connection.  Keep in mind, following a random person and commenting on their post will not get you a hundred followers in one day, that’s not how it works.  What needs to happen is collaboration.  In this case, exchange makeup and marketing tips.  Tag accounts in your comments so your followers see each other.  They will appreciate you giving them exposure and will hopefully return the favor.  This will not only give you a business buddy, but more aspiring entrepreneurs will want to collaborate with you as well, expanding your circle even farther.

Bio:  Your instagram bio is a way to briefly describe who you are, and what you’re about.  While this part may be an exciting piece to creating your Instagram, you want to keep a few things in mind:  you only get 150 characters to create your biography, basically meaning you have to say as much as you can with as little words as possible.  Consider using emojis go make your bio stand out, look more colorful and interesting.  Don’t forget to add your website.  In your bio, the website url is hyperlinked, allowing visitors to your profile to link to your site directly from Instagram.

Instagram is a great way to help promote your business.  Using these 5 simple tips will get you gramming in no time!


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