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Face It-You Need Social Media!

face need it 812x812Face it…your advertising dollar is precious.  You worked hard to earn it and need it to work just as hard for you.

So – what are your options?  The traditional TV, radio and print ads come to mind.  But how often do people leave the room during commercials?  Fast forward when they TiVo?  And with radio, people only hear your ad if they are tuned in, and many have it on as background noise and don’t even notice what’s playing.  Newspapers and magazines often end up on a stack in a rack, or in a recycling bin.  These advertising means are not cheap, yet your hard earned dollars may not even be noticed.

Now – what about Social Media Marketing?  You’ve heard about the hype.  There’s LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, just to name a few (whew!)

The three main principles of Social Media are 1) Permission Based, 2) Word-of-Mouth, and 3) Relationships.

1)  Permission Based Marketing means that individuals give a business permission to communicate with them.  If they are interested in your business, product,or  service, and find the information you share valuable, then they will give you permission by becoming a Fan of your Facebook Page, Follow you on Twitter, or subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

2)  Word-of-Mouth is the type of advertising every business hopes for.  Referrals from happy customers is the best form of advertising.  With Social Media, people share their experiences with their friends by posting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, checking in on Foursquare.

3)  Social Media is a two way communication between businesses and their clients, or prospective clients.  Using this tool to create a relationship benefits everyone through better customer service, faster response times, and customer input for new products, designs and improvements.  When a business has created a relationship with their clients based on trust and respect, the clients become brand ambassadors and share their good experience with their friends.

Perhaps the most effective feature of Social Media is the fact that you have access to an unlimited number of potential clients that you would not have been able to reach otherwise.  It takes the same amount of time and energy to connect with someone across town as it does to connect with someone across the country, or across the ocean.  You connect to people who are connected to other people who are connected to even more.  This creates a “viral” effect because, when your contact communicates with your social media site, their friends see their response, possibly invoking a response from them.  Then their friends see the response, and so on and so on.  Get the picture?

Social Media has become an expected part of a business’s marketing…people are using Social Media to research a business or product.  Consumers are participating in social networks for more than 8 hours/month compared to just over 3 hours a year earlier.  According to Neilson U.S,. consumers have increased their time on Social Media and blogs by over 210% year after year.

You can run but you can’t hide. Social Media cannot be ignored.

Face it…you need it!

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