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Facebook for Smart People

Repeat after me,

“I am not a dummy!”

Granted, you may feel like one when you try to figure out how to use Facebook.  But not anymore!  Not with “Facebook for Smart People”.  Because you are smart – and gosh darnit, people like you!

A simple, step-by-step, yet detailed explanation of why you need it, how to create it, and how to effectively use Facebook for your business.

Everything you need to know to take advantage of the power of Facebook for business:

• What is this Timeline and how do I use it?

• Why use a Page instead of a Group or Personal Profile?

• What is the differences between using Facebook as my Page or as my Personal Profile?

• How do I create an ad?

• What is the difference between the Wall and the News Feed?

• How in the world do I find my way around my Page?

• How do I create compelling posts?

What the heck is my “voice”?

• What will help me engage my Fans?

• How do I use Insights?

• What about guidelines for my staff?

Click Here and order your copy today!

If you’ve taken my classes, this will be a great resource.  If you haven’t, then the book won’t replace hands-on training, but it will give you everything you need to know to about Facebook Pages for business.

This 6th version was released in May, 2016. Facebook introduces changes frequently, randomly, and without much advance notice.   As changes are made, I am diligently trying to upgrade my blog with posts explaining these changes and how they affect the functionality of your page, but they are quite difficult to keep up with!  For major updates, I will update the book online, and you can order an updated copy at  


Check my blog and my posts on social media sites to learn of any Facebook changes and updates.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  AND, be sure to LIKE Face It Social Media on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter and Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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