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“Facebook for Smart People” Will Teach You To Use Facebook Pages for Business

FFacebook for Smart People - New and Improved!

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin Obviously, Benjamin had never heard of Facebook.  If he had, he would have added “changes to Facebook Pages”. The latest, greatest, most up-do-date version of Facebook for Smart People 6th Edition, Updated 05/2016     ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!    This informative …

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Defending Social Media

People and Computers around the World

| Share Recently, I realized that I spend a lot time defending social media networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to people who think that they adversely affect our interpersonal communications. I began to look back on other technological advances to compare their advent to that of social media…(cue dream theme)… In 1987, I was given …

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