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Educational Workshop – Facebook Updates and Changes

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Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 5, 2017, when I’ll be speaking at the Park City Chamber of Commerce “Educational Workshop.” We’ll be discussing recent changes to Facebook to help you navigate this social media site more effectively. Bring your lunch and your questions to the Park City Libraryat 11:30am!

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What Happened To My Facebook Page?

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Facebook made a major change to Page functionality at this week.  If you are new to Facebook Pages, please skip this blogpost because it will only confuse you!  However, if you have been using Pages for a while and have wondered what in the world happened, read on. Before this change, there were two ways to access your Page:  …

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“Facebook for Smart People” Will Teach You To Use Facebook Pages for Business

FFacebook for Smart People - New and Improved!

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin Obviously, Benjamin had never heard of Facebook.  If he had, he would have added “changes to Facebook Pages”. The latest, greatest, most up-do-date version of Facebook for Smart People 6th Edition, Updated 05/2016     ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!    This informative …

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Facebook – A Year In Review – Webinar March 12 9-9:30am

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    Besides celebrating it’s 10th birthday last week, many things have changed in Facebook in the past year!  Doesn’t it seem to be that every time you log into your Facebook Business Page, something has been added, changed, removed, or resurrected? To help make sense of all of these “enhancements,” I presented a free …

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5 Tips To Tame The New Facebook Timeline For Pages

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Learn useful tips to take advantage of the features of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages.

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10 Great Tips To Get Facebook Fans (and keep them!)


| Share You know how to post to your Facebook Page, but do you know what should you post?  What will help you grow your Fan base, and more importantly, engage your Fans?  Let’s talk about tips for Facebook posting and how to get Facebook Fans. Your job is to create posts that make their …

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