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What Happened To My Facebook Page?

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Facebook made a major change to Page functionality at this week.  If you are new to Facebook Pages, please skip this blogpost because it will only confuse you!  However, if you have been using Pages for a while and have wondered what in the world happened, read on. Before this change, there were two ways to access your Page:  …

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“Facebook for Smart People” Will Teach You To Use Facebook Pages for Business

FFacebook for Smart People - New and Improved!

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin Obviously, Benjamin had never heard of Facebook.  If he had, he would have added “changes to Facebook Pages”. The latest, greatest, most up-do-date version of Facebook for Smart People 6th Edition, Updated 05/2016     ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!    This informative …

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Manage Your Social Media Sites By Keeping It CRISP!


With everything that needs to be done during the workday, many of my clients complain, “How am I going to have time to be on social media when my schedule is already full?” It is true.  Social media can be a huge distraction and can be a time sink for you and your employees.  Yet, …

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5 Tips To Tame The New Facebook Timeline For Pages

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Learn useful tips to take advantage of the features of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages.

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10 Great Tips To Get Facebook Fans (and keep them!)


| Share You know how to post to your Facebook Page, but do you know what should you post?  What will help you grow your Fan base, and more importantly, engage your Fans?  Let’s talk about tips for Facebook posting and how to get Facebook Fans. Your job is to create posts that make their …

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10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Social Media Strategy


Even if you are only vaguely familiar with social media marketing, you know that the 3 main premises making it so effective are The technology is FREE The information is available 24/7 The potential customer reach is UNLIMITED Most social media sites are free to join.  Sure, there are premium packages you can sign up …

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Peace – Find it on Facebook

World Peace.  What an elusive concept.  Is it possible?  What can we do to achieve it?  We’ve tried leaving it up to our government leaders to negotiate peace and where has that gotten us?  Is there another way? Well, Facebook and Stanford University thinks there may be.  Why not use Social Media to bring about …

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The Golden Rule of Facebook

The internet is a wonderfully versatile and powerful tool that helps us to connect with almost anyone in the world, almost anywhere in the world.  It gives us access to current events in the news, celebrity gossip, obscure facts and statistics, as well as just about any historical data you can think of…all within microseconds.  …

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