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How You Can Use Social Media To Help Promote Your Book

Stacy's blogpost

Stacy Dymalski, blogger, author, speaker, teacher, stand-up comic, and founder of The Offbeat Author’s Guild, and I sat down last week to talk about the role social media plays in the marketing of self-published books. What sites should you use?  How often should you post?  Should you have a separate site for each book?  Check out the …

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Manage Your Social Media Sites By Keeping It CRISP!


With everything that needs to be done during the workday, many of my clients complain, “How am I going to have time to be on social media when my schedule is already full?” It is true.  Social media can be a huge distraction and can be a time sink for you and your employees.  Yet, …

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Facebook’s Sponsored Stories Let the Fans Do the Advertising

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When you “Like” a Facebook Business Page, your Friends see a message in their News Feed which will, the business hopes, encourage your Friend to also “Like” the Page.  You know that will happen, otherwise you don’t hit the “Like” button.  But did you know that Facebook is now releasing a new social media advertising …

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Make Your LinkedIn Invitations More Inviting


| Share With more than 85 Million members from over 200 countries, and executives from virtually every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful online professional social network tool today, and should be part of every social media strategy.  Based on the  “6 Degrees of Separation” concept, this social media site proves that …

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10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Social Media Strategy


Even if you are only vaguely familiar with social media marketing, you know that the 3 main premises making it so effective are The technology is FREE The information is available 24/7 The potential customer reach is UNLIMITED Most social media sites are free to join.  Sure, there are premium packages you can sign up …

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Why A Solid Social Media Strategy Is A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

All of us who own or manage a business, know that you have to spend money to make money.  But running a business is expensive!  Business expenses continue to skyrocket year-after-year:  rent, employee costs, inventory, supplies, insurance, transportation, gas… Can you think of any expense that has decreased?  One area where a business owner or …

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