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“Recently we had Sue Ann conduct LinkedIn training for our sales team.  it was awesome!  So many details and advice to help us get the most our of this product.  I would highly recommend Sue Ann.  She was engaging, hands on, and informative.  I look forward to the next opportunity to utilize her services.”  – Tonja B. Hanson, Director of Sales/Meetings/Group/Hospitality/Conference Vail Resorts, Park City Resort

“When I ran for a position on the Summit County Council, it was my first time campaigning for office. I knew social media had to be an important tool and I turned to Sue Ann to guide me through the social media world. She is smart, strategic and did a great job for me. I have no doubt that her social media efforts helped me win a close election.”           – Roger Armstrong, Esq. PC, Summit County Councilman

“I highly recommend Sue Ann as a social media consultant. She is a very bright and articulate person with a great vision for increasing your individual and corporate brand. If you are looking for someone that has a clear handle on why companies need to develop valuable content, and how they can spread those ideas through social media, Sue Ann will help you get the job done.” – Angie Maizlish, First Impressions

“Sue Ann presents herself in a professional manner, she is very friendly and likes to get involved in club activities. I am looking forward at seeing her learn and progress in different leadership roles.” – Julio Garreaud, Founder, Human Architecture

“As Director of Member Services at the Park City Chamber of Commerce, I had the opportunity to work with her when she was a presenter for one of our monthly Brown Bag Seminars. Sue Ann is very knowlegable about Social Media and her presentation was very professional and informative.” – Colleen Burke, Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

“I attended tonight’s seminar hosted by Sue Ann and in as much we think we know everything that involves the internet this is a dangerous or assumptive stance to have. With clear communication and current facts, Sue Ann offered new insights and exposed new trends in the ever changing world of SEO, social networking and what’s in vogue today. Bottom line you need experts like Sue Ann to help guide your the ever changing yet growing world of social networking. Thank you for a great and informative evening.” – Philip Grant, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at The World

“I met Sue Ann in 2009 when she became a member of our Toastmasters club and have had the privilege of getting to know her both personally and professionally. She exudes confidence and competence in every arena she enters whether it is running her own business, selling a product, consulting on social media, or public speaking. She’s smart, knowledgeable and very interesting to spend time with. However you choose to engage her, you won’t be disappointed.” – Tracy Harden, Principal, Harden Marketing & PR, Inc

“Sue Ann has made a real impact on the local community with her consulting services in the emerging field of social media marketing. She has a very low-key, comfortable style of making this mysterious black art accessible to companies and non-profits that want to take advantage of these new marketing tools but don’t know how. She quickly grasps what it is the business owner or nonprofit wants to accomplish, what resources they have to work with and devises an approach that is practical and cost-effective. And, she does it all in a gracious, easy, non-condescending way that makes the relationship work. I highly recommend her to any organization looking to start or expand their social media marketing efforts.” – Pete Nixon

“Sue Ann does a great job of demonstrating hands-on examples of how I can use Social Media in my business.” – Bill Mullen CFP, MBA

“One of my clients referred me to Sue Ann at Face-It Social Media because he was very pleased with her professionalism and the services she provided in the Social Media arena. My company provides website development and internet marketing solutions. I was looking for someone to refer my clients to who could help them with Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc, as I do not provide that service. Sue Ann is extremely knowledgeable, professional and reliable and has consistently helped my clients reach hundreds of people through social media. I will continue to refer business to her and recommend her to anyone looking to fortify their internet strategy.” – Jennifer Oxenham, Director of Sales & Marketing, iBiz Website

“Sue Ann helped me improve my Linkedin profile and heighten my comfort level with the online, professional world. In addition, she was a delight to work with. If you want to learn more about the world of social media and how it can help your business, get in touch with Sue Ann.” – Fred Vallejo, Direct Marketing Copywriter

“Sue Ann is a highly capable, dedicated, and responsible person. I have known her for several years in different capacities, from giving her time to help in her daughter’s class, to honing her public relations skills while contributing greatly to the Park City Toastmasters club. It is clear to me that Sue Ann has tremendous abilities and character and I am confident she will always do her utmost for her clients.” – Karin Carestia, Alpine Apothocary

“In two short hours of taking part in Sue Ann’s clinic, I came away with many valuable tips on how to improve my Linkedin profile to drive more business and relationships. It was hands-on. SueAnn is an expert on social media and cares about her students. And she is fun to be around. I recommend SueAnn highly.”  – Craig Dennis, Business Broker

“Sue Ann is a detailed manager/owner that I am fortunate to work with. She is very smart and professional and takes charge of all aspects of the business. I would recommend her to any company. She is always challenging herself with new ways to increase profits and is a great leader.”  – Terrie Kermizis, Front Office Manager, Park City Dermatology

“Sue Ann has been steering both Destination VIP and USA Ski Jumping through the mysterious social media forest with knowledge and confidence. I am both impressed and appreciative.”  – Jeffrey Volmrich, Owner Destination VIP

“Sue Ann does a great job of demonstrating hands-on examples of how I can use Social Media in my business.”  – Bill Mullen CFP,MBA, Financial Coach

“I’ve attended a seminar and a workshop that Sue Ann provided. Both were informative and entertaining. The workshop focused on using Facebook and was a good introduction to social media for our startup business. Sue Ann is genuinely interested in assisting businesses to succeed and has the expertise to make it happen!”  – Dana Craig, Owner Quickstone Software

“I hired Sue Ann to help us master the process of becoming involved and consistant in the sphere of social media. She is hands down an expert in the field of social media. If you want to have a presence in social media, do it right and get in touch with Sue Ann.”  – Kirk Chester, Insurance Agent

“Have you ever wondered, “What is the true meaning of an “Aficionado?” This word describes “a person with a liking and enthusiasm for something.” In the case of Sue Ann Kern, the Social Media Aficionado, this definition is way too limiting. In my professional experiences with Sue Ann, I’ve discovered that she is “a person with a LOVE for MANY THINGS.” In the first few minutes of meeting her, you will clearly understand her deep passion for people. She’ll go beyond the call to assist a client in all aspects of professional growth, the best of which includes Branding and Marketing a person and/or organization and their products, specifically through optimization of Social Media Marketing platforms like Facebook Pages and LinkedIN. I had the great pleasure of attending her powerful “Let’s Get Serious about Social Media” seminar earlier this year – her content is exceptional and the applications are quite simple to implement. Upon applying her ideas and processes for my own personal LinkedIN Profile, what formerly was the proverbial “stick figure” is now approaching “world-class art” status! I owe this Profile transformation to Sue Ann, because she maintains an instinctive spirit to reach the group, teach the principles, and energize each person in the room. Therefore, any investment of resources and time is well worth all that you’ll receive in Sue Ann’s effective deliverables. Sue Ann Kern’s valuable counsel, influence, and leadership will benefit individuals, business teams, organizations, for-profits, and non-profits in both their problem-solving and revenue-producing efforts.”  – Ken Sharrar, Business Coach

“In 10 minutes, Sue Ann gave a great explanation of not only the importance of building relevance through Social Media, but how to successfully improve my own relevance. Her presentation skills were extraordinary, and her expertise immediately evident. I was able to put her tips into effect within minutes. I wish all consultants were as effective as Sue Ann.”  – Dave Manning, Past District Governor, Toastmasters International

“Sue Ann’s class on social media (specifically on Facebook and LinkedIn) was exactly what I needed to fill in the l gaps of my limited, yet growing, knowledge of the subject. She came fully prepared as was able to answer questions that anyone threw at her. After it was over I felt much more confident about how I was going to use social media to promote my books and speaker services. I highly recommend that any individual or company hire Sue Ann for their social media training needs. She’s the best!”  – Stacy Dymalski, Author, Blogger, Commedienne

“I have had the pleasure of interacting with Sue Ann in a number of different scenarios – as a member of the audience at one of her excellent seminars, as a co-participant in a panel discussion, and in various informal settings. She is unquestionably an expert in the many forms and applications of social media. In addition to her technical expertise, Sue Ann has that all-too-rare ability to apply her considerable knowledge in a practical manner that will benefit anyone looking to build their brand or otherwise leverage the power of social media platforms and mobile marketing. If you need guidance or consultation on anything related to social media marketing, Sue Ann Kern at Face It Social Media should be your first choice.”  – Roi Agneta, Owner, Kiska Dazyn

“The Facebook and Linkedin workshops are great!!! Sue Ann truly possesses a ton of social media marketing skills and knowledge. I highly recommend attending her workshops to anyone at any level!”  – Tyson Smith, Owner, Mountain Rentals Magazine

“Sue Ann was able to vastly improve my LinkedIn presence quickly, and I must say, in a very diplomatic manner! It’s easy to understand how she’s doing so well in social media; both her technical knowledge and personality make it easy to work with her. I think she is especially well-suited to work with “classic” entrepreneur types.”  – John D. Fry, Owner, Basix, LL

“Sue Ann is very knowledgeable about LinkedIn and helped me to create a great profile and fine tune it to make the best impression possible. I highly recommend her.” –  Suzanne Burch, Administrative Client Services

“Sue Ann is a pleasure to work with. If you want to accelerate your social media learning curve and results, work with Sue Ann. I’ve already recommended her to friends who are eager to get started with her.” – Colette Herrick, Leadership Coach

“Sue Ann is a top-notch professional and a true expert in the field of social media. She has helped me to achieve in hours the kind of results that would have taken me MONTHS if I had done things on my own. She is fast, yet thorough and extremely efficient. The fact that she just published a book regarding Facebook for business professionals is yet another testament of her knowledge and expertise.I have already referred her to several of my friends in business and I intend to continue working with her in developing my business presence in social media.” –  Scott Pirraglio, Real Estate Agent

“Prior to sitting down with Sue Ann I thought of LinkedIn as my professional address book. I really didn’t appreciate how my profile on LinkedIn is a projection of my professional self on line and the impact it has on others looking to hire me or connect with me. Sue Ann, in just an hour, focused my attention and gave me very direct feedback, advice, and actions that improved my profile and prepared me for my next career step. I highly recommend her services and talent.” –  Steve Marteney, Technology and Software Engineer

“Sue Ann is very knowledgeable about social media marketing and helped us, in a few short hours, improve our presence on LinkedIn and other social media sites. She is very professional and a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continue to working with her on our business presence in social media. I highly recommend her.” –  Jim Barth, Real Estate Agent

“If you need to learn about the concepts and specifics of social media, Sue Ann Kern of Face It! Social Media Marketing is an excellent teacher. She transformed me from a skeptic of all social media to being excited about how LinkedIn can advance unique professional niches. My interest is establishing a comfort level with new industrial clients, but I perceived greater potential downside than benefit due to an incorrect understanding of how contact information is protected. Sue Ann gave me an overview of the different sites and how my goals were best met focusing solely on LinkedIn. Sue Ann’s knowledge then accelerated my crafting a profile that optimizes the site’s structure. If I had done this without her consultation it would have been of marginal value and in all likelihood I would have just quit. I really appreciate Sue Ann’s ongoing support. Her proof-reading my copy led to new insights and speaks to a strong commitment to her clients’ success.” –  Jon Aries, Principal Adroit Enterprises and Adroit Renewable Energy Systems

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